I can't recall a time that didn't include finding a way to keep my hands busy creating.  My main career?... several decades as a stay at home mom to four kids, where I harnessed a lot of that creativity into everything from kid-crafts to painting children's murals.  We had a colourful

and messy home!

Now they're all grown and I have found a quiet space for myself at an easel, where I enjoy and experiment with acrylics and gouache for hours.


I know it's the lives of my family - their love and all our stories - that play the biggest part in my paintings. Searching, grace, loss, redemption & always reaching for love & each other. That's where I pull inspiration... and I find it leads me to beautiful places.

I live in Oakville, Ontario with my husband of over 35 years, our youngest son, and our faithful dog Duke. Those of you who've come to know me on social media also know I adore our 2 grandchildren who live nearby, and dream of our granddaughter who we will be reunited with in heaven.  

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